Restore what Nature gave you with
Facial Toning Massage
The non-surgical, anti-aging technique that can make you look and feel years younger!

Facial Toning Massage is a safe and effective technique, which stimulates facial muscles using invigorating massage strokes to treat sluggish, aging, and environmentally damaged skin. In just thirty minutes Facial Toning Massage retrains, firms, and lifts your facial muscles, allowing you to see noticeable improvements after just one session!

Enhance your thirty minute facial with a 30 or 60 Minute massage for the ultimate relaxation experience!

As a licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, I have taken many Continuing Education classes. Never before have I been so excited to offer a service like Facial Toning Massage - the anti-aging technique that can make you look and feel years younger without surgery!

The best results will be noticed if done once a week for 6-12 weeks and then maintained once a month.  Facial muscles are easy to retrain and refirm, so you can quickly see results!  Packages and discounts available. 

It is best to come to the session with minimal or no makeup.  To maximize benefits of the facial toning massages, it is best to wear sunscreen or a hat when in the sun; always wash face, apply makeup, and lotion in an upward motion.