"I'm in my 50's and until 6 years ago, never had a massage.  I had a complimentary chair massage from Mandy, tried a 1/2 hour massage in her home and have been having hour massages ever since!  Mandy's skills and firm yet, gentle touch have helped relieve emotional AND physical stresses like nothing else.  Even after moving 40 minutes away I continue to return every month due to Mandy's unbelievable flexibility around MY schedule as well as the low cost that can't be found anywhere else.  I often purchase gift certificates for my daughter and daughter-in-law (who lives out-of-state, but loves to see Mandy whenever she's in Illinois)!  I even trusted Mandy to give my daughter-in-law a massage during her pregnancy with my first grandchild!" - Sandy

"I have been going to Mandy Frick for massage therapy since 2005 when I received a gift certificate for a massage from one of my friends who has been a client of Mandy's for years. I was so impressed with the quality of the massage I received, Mandy's great customer service, and the customer loyalty discount plan that I have booked a Hot Stone Massage therapy session with Mandy every month since my initial visit. I always look forward to my massage appointments and the great stress relieving benefits that receiving hot stone therapy massage provides. I have worked in the cosmetology industry for 30 years and can honestly say that Mandy offers top quality services at value pricing, and if you are not currently one of Mandy's clients, you should be! - Carolyn Acosta"

"I had the Facial Toning Massage done by Mandy, it was wonderful! She uses the perfect amount of pressure, my facial muscles feel tighter and my skin feels very smooth and hydrated. It was also very relaxing and I love that she incorporates some neck, shoulder, hand, arm and foot massage into the session. Thank you!" - Alysa

"I admit I had to be convinced to get my first massage - a bit self-conscious I guess. But I needn't have worried - Mandy has created a wonderfully relaxing environment, and her professional and caring manner quickly put me at ease. I never felt so relaxed - that night I slept like a baby. Ever since, I have continued to see Mandy for massages and  recently started the facial toning massage. I love it - somehow it's both invigorating and relaxing. I look forward to it each week. Getting a massage is a great way to take time for myself - and  Mandy surely has the magic touch!" - Janet T.

"I have been going to Mandy for the Facial Toning Massages and love them.  I can just feel my stress melting away as she works gently but firmly on my face, neck and shoulders.  The lotions she uses smell so good and leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  I highly recommend you give Mandy a try, you will feel wonderfully relaxed and looking forward to your next visit." - Shelly

"I just started with Mandy about a month ago.  I volunteered for a continuing education session in which I was the model for the facial toning treatment.  I so enjoyed this treatment and Mandy came recommended to me in my area to continue with the treatment.  I have had 4 sessions with Mandy now, and have really noticed the change in my skins elasticity, smoothness and stress lines.  I see Mandy once a week and really look forward to the sessions each week.  It's a way of unwinding, relaxing and giving my face a mini massage!  She is very good at what she does, very friendly, works around my crazy schedule and I love the new massage room with soft relaxing music, warming bed and dim lighting!  I felt she was very fair in her pricing and loved the multi-session discount.  It's my treat to myself. :-)" - Rorry

"Mandy has an amazing gift.  When she is giving a massage, she is completely in tune with your muscles and the process of helping you relax.  It doesn't matter if I am just wanting to pamper myself or I am having some back pain,  I am always delighted with the results.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves to one of her massages."  - K.S.

"I love going to Mandy for a massage twice a month, and my back and shoulders love it as well.  Thank you so very much for what you do." - Linda

"I love the facial toning massage!  I love the way it rejuvenates my skin and relaxes me at the same time.  I highly recommend one!" - Jill

"I work in a dental office. All of us are leaning over patients at odd angles all day. My boss has hired Mandy to come give us all chair massages once every 3 months. The chair massage helps relieve the tension we all carry in our shoulders and neck. We all feel so much looser and more relaxed after our massages. (it's also nice to have a boss that treats us to massage therapy!) " – Michele